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Maros Zilincan, ASK

Director of Photography | Camera operator

Independent cinematographer, board member of The Association of Slovak Cinematographers - ASK, member of IMAGO group.

I have graduated in the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava Department of Cinematography and Photography with a Masters degree in 2015.


I started in the film industry as 1stAC and Camera Operator on various feature films in Slovakia and Czech Republic. He is skilled gimbal and Remote Head operator. 

In 2019 I was jurior at The IMAGO International Awards for Cinematography in the Feature films selection.

In 2019 short commercial for NGO Post Bellum won 2 silver awards on the anual ceremony Zlatý Klinec for Best film craft and Film.

In 2018 I was representing The Association of Slovak Cinematographers at International Cinematography Summit in LA organised by The American Society of Cinematographers ASC.

I am working as a Director of Photography on short narrative movies, commercials, music videos, documentaries or as an 2nd Unit DoP.

I am from Bratislava, Slovakia. Working worldwide.


OBSESSION   |   2021   |   BeOnMind

Currently in the production

Dir.: Anastasia Rudakova & Samuel Vican

NINA   |   2017   |   Punkchart Films

2nd Unit Dop

Dir.: Juraj Lehotsky

COMMERCIALS / selected

POST BELLUM   |   2020   |  Oliver

Veterans Day

Dir.: Juraj Bartoš

DR WITT - JJ68   |   2020   |  Laurinc Studio

Jaromír Jágr

Dir.: Dano Laurinc

POST BELLUM   |   2019   |  Hitchhiker Films

Stories of victims of 20th century‘s two totalities

Two Silver awards in Zlatý Klinec 2019:

Film, Best film craft

Dir.: Dano Dekan

TATRA BANKA   |   2018   |  Hitchhiker Films

Business Stories

Dir.: Dano Dekan

ULTRAZVUK   |   2018   |  O2

November 1989

Dir.: Juraj Bartos

RELAX   |   2018   |  Laurinc Studio

Love Doesn't Need Words

Dir.: Dano Laurinc

SLOVNAFT   |   2018   |  Laurinc Studio

Antonin Panenka

Dir.: Dano Laurinc

#CNTBU   |   2018   |  Tatra banka

The Price of Tatra Bank's foundation

Dir.: Dano Laurinc

CEZAAR   |   2018   |  Nunez

The Award For Architecture

Dir.: Petra Vavrova

PONTIS   |   2017   |  Laurinc Studio

20y Anniversary

Dir.: Dano Laurinc

SHORTS / selected

KAMERA 2017   |   2017   |   ASK

Dir.: Lukas Teren

INSOMNIA   |   2016   |   VŠMU

Dir.: Michal Pusztay


Dir.: Michal Pusztay


IKONY   |   2020   |   RTVS

Dir.: Maria Pinčíková


VAN HELSING   |   2020   |  Netflix, Spectral

in production

Dir.: Jonathan Scarfe

DP: Neil Cervin

PIARGY   |   2019   |  Arina Films

in production

Dir.: Ivo Trajkov

DP: Peter Bencik ASK

THE MAGIC QUILL   |   2018   |  Punk Film

Dir.: Marek Najbrt

DP: Martin Ziaran ASK

INSPECTOR MAX   |   2018   |  Trigon

Dir.: Jiri Chlumsky

DP: Lukas Teren ASK

LITTLE HARBOUR   |   2017   |  Hulapa Film

Dir.: Iveta Grofova

DP: Denisa Buranova ASK

ZAZRACNY NOS   |   2017   |  Filmpark

Dir.: Stanislav Parnicky

DP: Ivan FInta ASK

TENKRAT V RAJI   |   2016

Dir.: Peter Palka

DP: Lukas Teren ASK

WILLSONOV   |   2015

Dir.: Tomas Masin

DP: Martin Strba ASK

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